Fireweed Gallery in Gustavus, Alaska

Welcome to the Fireweed Gallery! 



The Fireweed Gallery in Gustavus Alaska, at Glacier Bay, features local and Alaskan art. Some of Alaska's most famous and beloved artists make or made their home in Gustavus:

  • Bruce Shingledecker
  • Loren Adkins
  • Lou Cacioppo
  • Carole Baker
  • Fritz Koschmann
  • Shelli Ogilvy
  • Roger Williams
  • Kim Ney
  • Lois Nixon
  • William White
  • Jim Macovjack

Other Alaskan Artists featured at the Fireweed Gallery include:

  • Rie Munoz
  • Teri Jo Hedman
  • Eric Bealer
  • Terry Pyles
  • Nancy Yaki
  • JoAnn George
  • Brenda Schwartz
  • Mary VanderJack
  • Gary Pederson

I love jewelry, and am continually expanding my jewelry collection. Currently it includes the work of:

  • Debi Knight-Kennedy
  • Lou Cacioppo (For jewelry by Lou Cacioppo, browse his website. I carry all of his jewelry!)
  • Cha
  • Johnny Ellis
  • Swallow's Journey
  • SEAK Chic Charms
  • Meriam Deutchle
  • and several others