Jewelry featured at the Fireweed Gallery in Gustavus Alaska...

  • Lisa McCormick ~ Kodiak Alaska
  • Lou Cacioppo ~ Gustavus, Alaska
  • Debi Knight-Kennedy ~ Haines, Alaska
  • Kelly Rose McLaughlin ~ Gustavus, AK
  • CHA (for the finest...)
  • Johnny Ellis ~ Juneau, Alaska
  • Gold Vein Designs

High Air Spirit


Lou Cacioppo is famous throughout Alaska for his whimsical, magical, and beautiful artwork. The large pendants are, to Lou, small masks, and the detail and thought evident in the full size masks is profound in his pendants as well.
Jewelry that will enhance the beauty of your form.



By Debi Knight-Kennedy, Haines, AK

Debi's work is inspired by the traditional beauty of Alaska Native designs. Some pieces leaning very true to history, and some with strong veins of imagination woven throughout, each of Debi Knight's pieces of jewelry is a treasure. Strong women deserve beautiful things!

Cat's Eye


Kelly Rose McLaughlin ~ Gustavus, AK

My jewelry is large, with colorful, non-traditional stones. Handmade from the molten silver, I form the metal, solder delicately, and polish (and a few other steps in between), to create an individual wearable work of art, infused with energy from me!

These are the last three pieces until I get a silver studio!